h-duO partners with Aware Ni

We recently were interviewed by our charity partner, AWARE NI, read all about it below:

"Jonathan Harding from Dromore has recently started a new water bottle company, h-duO. The local company is selling re-usable eco-friendly water bottles to encourage people in Northern Ireland to drink more water and reap the benefits this will have on our physical and mental health.

The 27-year-old Account Manager had a bit more time on his hands this year due to the current pandemic. Jonathan told us, “I've always had a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit in me and an ambition of having my own brand, which would support a good cause. I was out of work for a while during the lockdown in March and thought there was no better time to step out of my comfort zone and take on the challenge of starting my own business.”

Jonathan was inspired to create his own water bottles after a period of trying to improve his own physical well-being, “During the lockdown in March, I had a goal to start drinking more water every day and from then, I was able to see first-hand the benefits of how a simple improvement to my physical health can have a major benefit for my mental health too.”

“I decided to conduct some research into the links between hydration and mental health. I quickly found evidence to support the idea that a simple change such as drinking more water in a day, can make a significant difference to your mental health. This is when it all came together for me and a couple of months’ later, h-duO was born.”

“Our mission is to Innovate, Educate and Hydrate through providing an eco-friendly product and a super friendly service. We aim to do this through creating products for any lifestyle, highlighting how simple changes can make the largest differences, with a focus on combatting mental illness, starting with increasing your daily water intake.”

Jonathan has decided to donate £1 from every h-duO bottle sold to AWARE, the Depression Charity for Northern Ireland. Telling us why he chose to support AWARE, Jonathan said “AWARE had supported someone I knew who was going through an extremely tough time and they continue to support them and their family. This inspired me to look into the work of AWARE and what they do in the community. It is clear they have touched the lives of many and provide vital services to support those who are struggling. Mental health is more relevant to the population now, more than ever. With restrictions being put on our everyday lives, job losses, bereavements and so on, it is paramount that charities like this continue to be supported, so they can continue to play their part in the local community.”

Lisa Abell-Farrelly, Corporate Relationship Officer at AWARE said “We are so delighted to be working with Jonathan and all involved at h-duO. It has been great to see Jonathan turning his experience in lockdown into a positive by creating a brand and business with a passion to raise awareness of mental health. The past few months have been a struggle for many in Northern Ireland and we are so grateful for Jonathan’s support, all funds raised for AWARE will go to support the expansion and delivery of AWARE’s online well-being programmes. Thank you, Jonathan!”"